​Cardi B Drops Off Social Media Following Beef with Azealia Banks

Her Instagram has been deleted and Twitter account set to private

BY Sarah MurphyPublished May 14, 2018

Cardi B is one of hip-hop's most prolific social media users, but the Bronx rapper has deleted Instagram and made her Twitter account private following a fallout with Azealia Banks.
Banks appeared on The Breakfast Club on Friday (May 11), and addressed previous comments she made about Cardi B, calling her an "illiterate, untalented rat."
Banks admitted she had called Cardi those names, then went on to share her views on black women's culture and the role the media plays in deciding who gets to occupy the collective consciousness at any given time.
"Two years ago, the conversation surrounding black women's culture was really reaching an all-time high and we were really discussing our power amongst ourselves," she said, citing Beyoncé and Solange as leaders of the movement. "There was just this really intelligent conversation going on nationally. Then everything just kind of changed and it was just, like, Cardi B."

Along with criticizing Cardi's spelling and way of speaking, Banks continued, "I just don't understand the extreme lack of couth. I didn't know that the standards, the bar would be lowered so much."
Banks also said that Cardi's success was "unfair to the real institution of female rap" — then added, "We're talking about this for way too fucking long" and plugged her new single "Anna Wintour."
Cardi then responded in a now unavailable Instagram post.
"Just because I mix a few words up, forget to use commas or misspell a few words doesn't make me illiterate and doesn't make me stupid," she said. "And because I laugh a little harder or talk a little louder doesn't make me a caricature!"
Banks fans have since been sharing what appears to be a screengrab of Banks' reply in the comments. See the alleged response below.
Cardi B has since largely gone offline, deactivating her Instagram account and switching her Twitter page to private.
Watch Banks' full interview on The Breakfast Club below. The discussion turns to Cardi B at the 21:35 mark.

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