Cap'n Jazz Guitarist Victor Villarreal Unveils New Solo LP

Cap'n Jazz Guitarist Victor Villarreal Unveils New Solo LP
Though Victor Villarreal popped up on the most recent Joan of Arc album and played around the U.S. last year on the Cap'n Jazz reunion tour, there's still a shroud of mystery surrounding the seemingly reclusive, fleet-fingered indie guitar god. Hopefully signalling he's done with hibernating, the Chicago musician has announced a new solo set, Invisible Cinema.

While it's not the former Ghosts and Vodka shredder's first solo venture (he released a split seven-inch last year with Loose Lips Sink Ships, an album called Alive in 2009 and a record under the nom de plum Noyes in 2003), Joyful Noise Recordings hints at Invisible Cinema being his most realized work to date. Driven by Villarreal's unique, "how-the-fuck-did-he-play-that-on-one-instrument-and-what-the-hell-is-the-time-signature" style, the record's seven songs apparently supply a wide spectrum of sounds.

"Out Of My Hands" is said to be a meditative drone, while "Enters," which you can download here, is more of an indie slow dance, mixing twinkling chord sequences with the six-stringer's penchant for melding Spanish guitar and shred-tinged runs into a cornucopia of sound.

Invisible Cinema drops January 24 on Joyful Noise on a limited-edition vinyl pressing of 250, with a digital download. You can pre-order the set here.

Invisible Cinema:

1. "Enters"
2. "Darts In The Dark"
3. "Strings Attached"
4. "The Guess"
5. "Sway"
6. "Out Of My Hands"
7. "Leaves"