Capitol 6's Matt Krysko Goes Solo for "Album Zine"

Capitol 6's Matt Krysko Goes Solo for 'Album Zine'
This spring, Vancouver songwriter Malcolm Jack released his debut solo album as an "album zine." Now, his Capitol 6 bandmate Matt Krysko is preparing to drop an album in the same unique format. Selected Works 2005-2013 is out this Thursday (July 25).

As with the prior zine, this booklet will include lyrics and images that act as a visual accompaniment to the music, which comes via a download. The zine is described as "a collection of lyrics, photos & riddles."

The album contains 10 songs, which blend darkly atmospheric folk with psychedelic rock and bear some stylistic similarities to Jack's tunes. Scroll down past the tracklist to check out the spookily waltzing opening cut "Preface to 'Leaves of Grass.'"

Krysko is will release the zine with a Vancouver show at the China Cloud on Thursday.

Selected Works 2005-2013:

1. Preface to "Leaves of Grass"
2. Mirror
3. A Trying Moon
4. Not a Pretender
5. Your Mountain
6. Last Dialogue
7. Stay Awake
8. Over a Cloud
9. To Divide
10. Back When Your Waters Were Blue