Capital Steez "135" (video)

Capital Steez '135' (video)
Tragically, Pro Era's Capital Steez passed away last Christmas Eve, but fans can savour some newly unveiled footage of the rapper in action via a video for his solo song "135," off of last year's AmeriKKKan Korruption mixtape.

Since it's Valentine's Day, Steez's love-centric, cupid-repping bars are topical, and the video has the rapper and a lady eyeing each other while waiting for a train. While he sends out lovey-dovey lines to a sweetheart ("You're like a diamond in the rough, or the lighter to my dutch / That was blunt, but I can't lie, you firing it up"), a message from the Pro Era crew assures these weren't hollow Hallmark sentiments.

"As my bro Steez would have said, Valentine's Day is Amerikkkan Korruption. Love is free. So instead of buying something, share the video with someone you love. Long Live Steelo."