Cancer Bats, Protest the Hero, Fucked Up Nominated For F-U! Awards

Cancer Bats, Protest the Hero, Fucked Up Nominated For F-U! Awards
For the second year straight, Punkorama Radio has teamed up with Monster Energy and Toronto-based indie label Underground Operations to bring us the F-U! Awards. A celebration of "Frequently Underestimated" alternative Canadian talent, the ceremony is slated for February 5 and will be hosted by Punkorama's Barry Taylor and JD at the Sound Academy.

As a special treat this year, actor Jason Mewes (Jay from Jay and Silent Bob) will lend some credibility to the event, as will performers Andrew WK, the Flatliners, Die Mannequin, the Artist Life, Kingdoms and the Expos. A sort of mini-Warped Tour for the winter, the occasion also boasts professional skateboarding demos, a fan-vs.-hosts videogame competition, an Andrew WK and Jason Mewes look-alike contest and more.

Despite presenting such a carnival, Taylor and JD promise to get around to the actual awards, provided we all cast our ballots. To vote for your favourite F-U! act, click here. Here are the categories:

The Young Jedi Award
(Up and Coming Band of '08)

Jr. Battles
Sara Blackwood
Sights and Sounds
Little Millionaires

The Henry Rollins "Get in the Van" Award (Hardest Working Band of '08)
Die Mannequin
The Holly Springs Disaster
Cancer Bats
The Flatliners
Protest the Hero

MONSTER ENERGY Most Outstanding Live Performance Award
Protest the Hero
The Creepshow
Die Mannequin
Fucked Up
Living with Lions

Song of the Year
Saint Alvia Cartel "Romeo"
The Artist Life "The Last Time"
Living with Lions "Bottle of Charades"
Fucked Up "Magic Word"
Cancer Bats "Hail Destroyer"

The Lanny McDonald Award
(Best Facial Hair of '08)

Tim Millar of Protest the Hero
To join the fray, pick up your tickets here.