Cancer Bats, Fucked Up and Ariel Pink Take Over Exclaim! TV

Cancer Bats, Fucked Up and Ariel Pink Take Over Exclaim! TV
Sure, you could spend the week watching Frosty, Rudolph, the Grinch and that drummer kid. Or, you could get comfortable with some of the latest episodes of Talk Show Night at Juicebox Manor and (in lieu of a Garageland episode) a whacked-out short film from Spookey Ruben's Dizzy Playground series. Just head on over to the Exclaim! TV section for these episodes and more.

In the latest episode of Talk Show Night, we hosted Toronto noise rockers Metz, who performed their song "Soft Whiteout" in the Juicebox Manor basement. We also chatted with Liam Cormier and Mike Peters of Toronto punk outfit Cancer Bats about their recent tour and their upcoming album. Just for kicks, we also subjected them to a Rorschach test.

To cap off the week, we hopped into a wrestling ring with Damian Abraham of Polaris Music Prize-winning group Fucked Up for lessons from TNA's Taylor Wilde.

Lastly, why not check out a short film from Toronto eccentric Spookey Ruben's Dizzy Playground series? This one, titled "Natural Born Grannies", is a surrealistic journey through television history that throws men in dresses and features pop weirdo Ariel Pink.

Check out the Exclaim! TV section for all the latest episodes.