Cancer Bats Detail 'Dead Set on Living'

Cancer Bats Detail 'Dead Set on Living'
Cancer Bats have already leaked some information about their upcoming Dead Set on Living, and even landed a place on our most anticipated Canadian albums of 2012 list. Now, the Toronto metal/hardcore dudes have shared the full details of the forthcoming full-length, which is due out April 17 through Distort Inc.

The collection was recorded at Vespa Studios with Eric Ratz and Kenny Luong, who have both worked with Cancer Bats in the past. According to a press release, the result is "undeniably the most metal-tinged offering the band has released to date."

The new songs are said to range from groove-based tunes to thrashers played with "riot-inducing speed and aggression." Frontman Liam Cormier said in a statement, "We really strived for that raw, off-the-floor vibe this time around. It's really the bridge between our live show and what we put on record."

Check out the tracklist below and the song "Old Blood" streaming at the bottom of the page. A Canadian tour is reportedly being planned, so stay tuned for updates.

Dead Set on Living:

1. "R.A.T.S"
2. "Bricks and Mortar"
3. "Road Sick"
4. "Breathe Armageddon"
5. "Dead Set on Living"
6. "The Void"
7. "Old Blood"
8. "Drunken Physics"
9. "Bastards"
10. "Rally the Wicked"
11. "New World Alliance"