Canadian Organization Calls for Riot Fest to Cancel NOFX Appearance Due to Band "Calling for White Genocide"

Canadian Organization Calls for Riot Fest to Cancel NOFX Appearance Due to Band 'Calling for White Genocide'
Just this morning (September 6), Exclaim! ran an interview with Fat Mike, the frontman of beloved smart-ass pop punks NOFX. Not only did Mike talk about the band's upcoming Self Entitled album and DVD, but it served as a reminder of the group's performance at the Riot Fest in Toronto this Sunday (September 9).

It turns out, though, that not everyone up north is as into the band. The Canadian Immigration Report, a publication focused on "The impact of immigration and racial diversity on Canada and Canadians," has called for NOFX's appearance to be cancelled because of their 20-year-old song "Kill All the White Man."

Few details exist on the organization's website explaining the CIR's rationale, as well as a Facebook group called "Ban NOFX from entering Canada." Both, however, decry the band's smarmy, reggae-tinged cut, originally off 1992's The Longest Line EP, claiming the song to be a rallying anthem "calling for white genocide." The organization also posted the lyrics in full, blowing up the text for the chorus's "Oh yeah, kill all the white man," while minimizing the rest of the sarcastic tune's focus on the "white man" pillaging and plundering an unspecified ethnic people.

Apparently the CIR has reached out to Riot Fest twice about having NOFX banned from the fest and Canada all together, but the organization has yet to hear back from festival planners. Fat Mike did, however, tweet his confusion over the claims, stating, "Well this was certainly unexpected."

To further its claim, the CIR also posted a video that also chastises comedian Louis C.K. and Alexisonfire for similar supposedly anti-white opinions.

It should be noted that NOFX are apparently all talk. In the 20 years since the song first popped up, and the countless Canadian and worldwide gigs played since then, the band have never actually managed to kill any white men.

For the benefit of the CIR, we'd also like to point out that NOFX have previously noted that they are "Hobophobic (Scared of Bums)," they may have ties to a guy named "Franco Un-American" and they think that "Mean People Suck."