Canada's '90s Rock Boom to Be Explored in New Documentary

Canada's '90s Rock Boom to Be Explored in New Documentary
For many, the '90s were a peak period for Canadian music, and the country's alt-geared moments are set to be chronicled in a forthcoming documentary titled Rave and Drool. Described as "a behind-the-scenes look into the nurture of music, and the nature of business," the film will feature insight from members of Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, Age of Electric and more.

The music doc is already in production, though Regina filmmaker Tyler Elynuik is seeking additional funding through a Kickstarter page. Rave and Drool, which takes its name from a song by Hamilton, ON's the Killjoys, aims to analyze the "nineties Canadian rock revival," as well as figure out "what snuffed it out."

"In 1994, 95 albums by Canadian artists sold more than 50,000 copies each," it's explained in a trailer for the film, which you can see below. "By the end of the decade bands could scarcely survive."

The film will look at the rise of countless Cancon DIY acts in the beginning of the decade, and their subsequent moves to major labels. It will also apparently weigh in on the toils of constantly grinding it out on the road, while also analyzing how a band could play to thousands in Canada, but to miniscule crowds on the other side of the border. Rave and Drool will incorporate archival footage of concerts and TV appearances with newly shot interviews.

So far, Elynuik has talked to various members from the Watchmen, Finger Eleven (known in the '90s as the Rainbow Butt Monkeys), Zuckerbaby, Big Sugar, Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, the Tea Party, Crash Test Dummies, Age of Electric and more. It's added that he hopes to interview members of the Tragically Hip, Sloan, Barenaked Ladies, industry types, "scenesters" and more.

Elynuik is seeking $35,000 to help go towards production, post-production and marketing costs. Incentives to pledge include anything from PDFs of vintage handbills, to ephemera signed by acts like the Headstones and Gandharvas, to production credits. You can find out more over here.