Canada Day Playlist: Artists Pick Their Favourite Canadian Albums of All Time

Canada Day Playlist: Artists Pick Their Favourite Canadian Albums of All Time
This week, we'll all celebrate the 148th birthday of Canada with Canada Day fireworks, barbecues and other traditional activities. No Canada Day is complete without a playlist, however, so we've asked some of our favourite artists to tell us their favourite Canadian albums of all time.

We reached out to a wide variety of people, from Fucked Up's Damian Abraham and Chixdiggit's KJ Jansen through Sarah Harmer, Tanya Tagaq, Teen Daze, Mac DeMarco, Nardwuar the Human Serviette, Jay Arner and many, many more. The result is a seriously diverse batch of releases that cover both classic choices, as well as a lot of surprises. There are not one but two songs about soda on the list, as well as some sharp critiques of Canada's history.

Read through these artist's submissions below and have a happy Canada Day.

Damian Abraham (Fucked Up)
Album choice: Fallen Angel of Doom… by Blasphemy

All it takes is a one line to sum up why this is the greatest Canadian record of all time: Fallen Angel of Doom… is the debut album by Vancouver's Blasphemy, a racially diverse Satanic skinhead black metal band, which was released prior to the birth of the Norwegian black metal scene and makes much of the bands associated with it sound like Dragonforce in comparison to its level of brutality.

Sarah Harmer
Album choice: New Believers by Minotaurs

Dance. Revolt. Celebrate. Resist. This album is important for Canada right now. Music, street protest and conscious art has never had more work to do. This album gives you lots of energy to joyously fight for the country you love. Let the horns, the bass grooves, and the words fire you up. Right now our rights and freedoms are under threat from a surveillance state.  Right now our laws protecting fish and healthy waterways are practically gone. Right now the act of standing up against corporate interests and fighting for critical infrastructure like clean air and water is considered a threat to the economic stability of the country. This Canada Day let the musical fuel of Minotaurs shake your booty into the streets.

Project Pablo
Album choice: Songs of Leonard Cohen by Leonard Cohen

Songs of Leonard Cohen is always an enjoyable listen: simple, yet profound. Nothing is over-done or over-produced about it — a perfect album in my opinion!

Tanya Tagaq
Album choice: Bad Habits by the Monks

It may not be my fav Canadian album of all time but right now I am really into the Monks' Bad Habits because my three-year-old sings "bad rabbits" in the funniest misheard song lyrics ever. 

Mac DeMarco
Album choice: Akimbo Alogo by Kim Mitchell

Akimbo Alogo because it has the song "Go for a Soda" and that song whips ass. Also the video whips ass. Kim whips ass.