Can Treated to Extensive Vinyl Reissue Campaign; Irmin Schmidt's Solo Work Compiled on 'Villa Wunderbar'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Sep 4, 2013

Following recent work with the Cyclopean project, founding Can member Irmin Schmidt is about to have his work outside of the band celebrated on a new double-CD compilation called Villa Wunderbar, which Mute/Spoon will serve up November 4. However, that's not all Can fans have to look forward to this year, as the celebrated Krautrock troupe will have 14 of their albums remastered for an extensive vinyl reissue campaign.

As for Schmidt's solo collection, a press sheet dubs the influential player a "musical alchemist," explaining that the songwriter's "sound-trips" touch upon rock, pop, jazz, classic, electronic, ambient, drum 'n' bass, waltz, Eastern music, and more.

The first disc of Villa Wunderbar features solo work recorded over the last 30 years, while the second disc includes various soundtrack work for films and television. The tracks on the latter were selected by filmmaker Wim Wenders, who also wrote extensive liner notes for the release.

You can see the tracklisting details down below and the artwork up above. To check out a bit of the release, you can also stream a sampler of Villa Wunderbar at the bottom of the page.

In addition to the Schmidt set, Can's back catalogue is being remastered for a vinyl reissue series. Fourteen of the band's LPs, including Out of Reach and a bonus live recording, will be remastered on vinyl for the first time and delivered on 180-gram wax in a box set on December 2. The package will apparently also include original posters and artwork.

Villa Wunderbar:

CD 1 - Solo Work:

1. Dreambite
2. Le Weekend
3. Rapido De Noir
4. Love
5. Villa Wunderbar
6. Time The Dreamkiller
7. Burning Straw in Sky
8. Fledermenschen
9. Kick On The Floods
10. Fuchsia's Song - Rainbow Party
11. Ensemble – Joy
12. Bêtes De Passage

CD 2 - Soundtracks:

1. Flavia Theme
2. Quattrocanti (Dream Theme IV)
3. Fresco & Finale (Flavia Theme III & IV)
4. Zicke Zick
5. Schneeland
6. Dangerous
7. Lied vom Verschwinden
8. Geisterlied
9. Rote Erde (Titel Musik)
10. Es Geht Ein Schnitter
11. Bohemian Step
12. Roll On Euphrates
13. Aller Tage Abend Walzer
14. Messer im Kopf 
15. Solo
16. Morning In Berlin
17. Verdi Prati Valse
18. Alice (Remix)
19. Last Night Sleep (Remix)

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