Camper "Enthusiast" (video)

Camper 'Enthusiast' (video)
Niagara-based noisemakers Camper are set to reveal a brand new video for a track called "Enthusiast," and Exclaim! is pleased to present its premiere.
The five-dude unit describe themselves as a "Korn cover band" but claim to have moved on when they "heard that new METZ record and kinda dropped all that." They also claim that the new clip is the weirdest one you'll watch all day.
It gives us some insight into the daily life of a coke-addled sock. The concept came from drummer Brandon Santi, and as the video rolls, the sock gets himself further into trouble.
The track appears on Camper's two-song EP I'd Like to Buy 4 Qs, which is due out tomorrow (August 25). For now, give the video for "Enthusiast" a watch in the player below.