Cameron Reed Ditches Babe Rainbow Moniker

Cameron Reed Ditches Babe Rainbow Moniker
While he's busied himself as a touring member of How to Dress Well, many have wondered about the future of Cameron Reed's Warp-signed project Babe Rainbow. Now, the Toronto-based producer has confirmed that he'll be ditching the moniker to focus on solo work under his own name.

Reed launched a new Bandcamp page, along with a demo for the new song "Slip Into (Composition for Four Pianos)," which you can stream below.

He also shared the following statement:

In 2013 I'll be shedding the Babe Rainbow moniker and focusing on producing primarily ambient under my full given name Cameron Hitler Rabies Reed*.

Having spent much of my 2012 playing piano on tour for How To Dress Well, I became much more comfortable using it to write as well. The first batch of songs I hope to release are written for piano with string accompaniment (still forthcoming). All were written on or between tours.

I was very influenced by experimental composers such as Terry Riley, Hans Otte, and Brian Eno. So please compare me to them when raving about this track to your friends.

I hope you enjoy this first demo track, it's the first of many.



*I'll probably just go by Cameron Reed, though.