​Calvin Harris Subtly Throws Shade at Taylor Swift in "My Way" Video

​Calvin Harris Subtly Throws Shade at Taylor Swift in 'My Way' Video
Calvin Harris found another hit with Rihanna thanks to the Taylor Swift-penned "This Is What You Came For" earlier this year, but now that his ex has reclaimed the tune as her own, he's looking to make waves with a new single.
Harris has dropped a video for "My Way," and it seems to feature a few not-so-friendly nods to his aforementioned ex. It stars Harris in a virtual reality, where his love interest darts in and out of his experience, and as MTV points out, the onscreen girlfriend's outfits resemble those from some of Swift's most iconic videos — not to mention the forest and desert settings the female lead finds herself in.
Decide for yourself if it's a meaningful, mean-spirited jab or merely a coincidence by watching the video for "My Way" below.

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