Calliope (In)Organics

There’s something entirely too catchy and danceable to Calliope’s third full-length, (In)Organics. After all, these card-carrying members of Michigan’s space rock scene are supposed to be much slower — with continued moves in this direction, people might move their gentle revolving-chair dance right up onto two feet. Not that they’ve lost sight of their roots — there are plenty of trippy effects here, but the fuzz laden guitars only get about halfway to Spiritualized territory before getting side tracked by acoustic guitars, or trumpets, or washes of sci-fi keyboard, making this a much fuller listening experience. Although the somnambulant pace of their first recordings has landed them in Low’s neck of the woods, they’ve more in common with the wall of guitars provided by Hamilton’s Sianspheric than the horizontal inactivity of your typical slo-core. With dashes of prog here, and early ‘70s glam there, Calliope demonstrates their growth is anything but inorganic. (Thick)