Calgary's Gold Unveil Tribute EP to Late Women Guitarist Chris Reimer, Plot Debut Full-Length

Calgary's Gold Unveil Tribute EP to Late Women Guitarist Chris Reimer, Plot Debut Full-Length
More than a year ago, Extra Happy Ghost!!!/Astral Swans songwriter Matthew Swann told Exclaim! that he was playing bass with a Calgary dream-pop outfit called Gold, who had an EP in the works. Updating us on the project, we now know Losing Your Hair is out this month through Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

These four songs were recorded as a demo with late Women guitarist Chris Reimer, who was playing drums with the band. The EP insert explains, "Our drummer, Chris Reimer, had brought over his beloved 4trk cassette deck, small mixer, and collection of microphones and we spent some days and nights together playing with gear."

A month after those sessions in early 2012, Reimer tragically passed away, and the EP is now being released in tribute.

Ahead of the vinyl run of 300, it's available as a digital download. Stream or purchase it below, or pre-order the 7-inch here.

Speaking to Exclaim!, Swann explains that Gold were riding a creative high when the EP was created. He says, "I think a lot of the excitement of that time really shines through on these songs, and we're fortunate to be able to put this out in Reimer's honour, because he was brilliant, and a pleasure to play with."

Meanwhile, Gold are almost finished work on their debut full-length, the release details of which are still unconfirmed. The songs were recorded at OCL Studios by Scott Munro and Paul Chirka, and they are still being mixed. While the album doesn't yet have a title or label, Swann notes, "What I've heard of the recordings so far, they are catchy, and poppy, but with a darkness."

Reimer wrote some of the drum parts, with Chris Dadge (Lab Coast, Samantha Savage Smith, Bug Incision) behind the kit during the sessions. Stay tuned for release details to be confirmed.

Losing Your Hair:

1. Drugs
2. Losing Your Hair
3. Torchlight Parade
4. Waters