Calgary Radio Station Chops Pop Hits in Half to Avoid Boring Its Listeners

Calgary Radio Station Chops Pop Hits in Half to Avoid Boring Its Listeners
Love hearing those Sam Smith and Iggy Azalea hits but just don't have the patience to listen to a whole three minutes of music from said chart-toppers? Well, Calgary's Amp Radio has you covered, having announced it's gone ahead and chopped certain tunes from its playlist in half in order to soothe our "short attention spans."

As AUX points out, the radio station recently implemented the QuickHitz radio format, which can bust out up to 24 songs an hour by editing down tracks to the bare essentials. The station describes this move as redefining "how conventional stations play music as it adapts to our ever so short attention spans."

The station goes on to add that the 24-song-per-hour system is based around "hit-based" material, offering listeners "twice as many songs per hour than the conventional station."

While fans may note that popular songs will be significantly edited down from their intended three- or four-minute runtimes, the plus side is that this supposedly trims out three minutes of commercials every hour. Playing into the QuickHitz model, additional reports note that the traditional 30-second commercial has of late been trimmed down to 15 seconds, reflecting a further shortening of attention spans.

QuickHitz has also been tested in the UK and U.S. radio markets, with spokespeople defending the move to chop out portions of hit singles.

"A lot of people can't detect the music has been edited," Sparknet Communication's Hillary Hommy, whose company developed QuickHitz, told the Financial Post.