Calgary Goes Retrofuture on the 'YYC Synthwave' Compilation

Listen to the new release in its entirety now
Calgary Goes Retrofuture on the 'YYC Synthwave' Compilation
Calgary's music community is quite literally stuck in the past on the new YYC Synthwave Compilation, a release that features 18 tracks of pulsing, vintage synth compositions. The album is now available to stream in its entirety, exclusively through Exclaim!, before it receives a wide release on Friday (October 12).

The compilation was pieced together by local collective Dem Modest Kids. For those paying attention to Calgary's music scene, it features familiar names like Melted Mirror, as well as artists like XSRY, NETRVNNER, Keypuncher! and many more.

Listen to the YYC Synthwave Compilation in its entirety below.

The release will be celebrated at Vern's on October 12 with a listening party and live show featuring performances from Moonrunner83, Johnny Posh and Keypuncher.