Cadence Weapon "88" (prod. Grimes)

Cadence Weapon '88' (prod. Grimes)
It's been a while since Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon dropped his Tron: Legacy mixtape, but the spitter has announced his return to the game with his new Grimes-produced single "88."

Featuring a heavy, classic boom bap and some metallic bass drops that sound as if they came out of the most musical of Autobots, the song has Cadence Weapon waxing on the way things used to be with an old-school flow. In it, he toasts cult art film Downtown 81 and its star, painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, and gives the thumbs-up to BDP leader KRS-One.

A tweet from Cadence Weapon hints that more cuts are just around the corner: "So today marks my new habit of dropping a song/mix/video every week or so. maybe even more frequently. less bagel talk, more songs in 2012."

Cadence Weapon - 88 (Prod. Grimes) by Cadence Weapon