Rotting Hills "By Their Deeds They Shall Be Known"

Rotting Hills 'By Their Deeds They Shall Be Known'
When first we heard from Vancouver's Rotting Hills, the multi-drummer ensemble dropped the percussive, bone-rattling 20-minute epic "Humans Vile Path." The band may have shortened the runtime for their latest single "By Their Deeds They Shall Be Known," but they definitely didn't sacrifice the brutality.

Leader/guitarist Gordon Smith lays out the vibe early on with some soul-stirring strums, but the whole crew soon lock into a damned and doomy groove. There's some serious drum soloing going on, which we can only hope, considering Rotting Hills' plentiful percussive roster, were handed off round robin-style.

You can let the band oppress your senses by streaming the track below.