Buzzkill House of Bad Touch

Leave it to the fine folks at Alternative Tentacles to put out one of the few punk rock records this year that actually captures the punk spirit of days gone by. On their first record in three years, New Jersey's Buzzkill put the rawk back in punk rawk with 18 tracks that range from Suicidal Tendencies-style thrashers like "Psycho," "Azoid," "Kick Your Ass" and "1, 2 Hate You" to the riff roarin' metal madness of "Bound," “Eviler Than You" and "Double Bogey." Throw some fuzzed-out stoner rock in guise of "Aliens," a little country nugget ("Hokey Dance") and a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Relax" and you have one diverse and damaged disc o' doom. (Alternative Tentacles)