Butane Endless Forms

Possibly named after a resource centre for unplanned pregnancies in nearby Bolivar, MO, Alphahouse Records is an up-and-coming label out of St. Louis focusing on micro-house possessed artists and CD-R DJ sets. After years behind a desk, label-head Andrew Rasse (now based out of Berlin) released his debut full-length under the moniker Butane. Helping to widen the path from Detroit to Berlin, Endless Forms is centred upon familiar-sounding minimal and driving beats with barley there, pulsating rhythms — the type of music that's still referred to as "techno." Working better as an hour-long aural piece than a collection of club chillers, Endless Forms doesn't pride itself on its variety of sounds or dynamic modes. Rather, Rasse is interested in the intricacy of his harmonies; how he can create stylistic shifts in eight-minute mini-suites with as little force and drama as possible. (Crosstown Rebels)