Burnthe8track The Ocean

For some bands, writing solid enough tunes to back up a ridiculously cool name like Burnthe8track might prove a challenge. The Ocean, thankfully, provides 12 reasons why these four Winnipeg-based lads so deserve their chosen moniker. All it takes is vocalist Derek Kun’s channelling of Bruce Dickenson two-thirds of the way through opener "In Full Return.” Immediately, you can rest assured that this is not to be a run of the mill emocore record. Much like the ebb and flow of the actual ocean from which this album derives its name, the songs here create an excellent push/pull effect as the listener progresses through the album. The second cut from the record shows a sudden restraint; this effect is once again shattered on the very next track. Burnthe8track’s sound seems to exist in the murky area between the all-out emo of bands like Thursday and the more driving punk rock of bands like Dag Nasty, allowing them the opportunity to experiment equally in both sonic arenas. With a unique sound that borrows just enough from heavyweights of the genre, Burnthe8track are a band who manage to live up to the unbearable coolness of their name. (Abacus)