Burning Love/Fight Amp Burning Love/Fight Amp

The Burning Love/Fight Amp split contains alternate versions of songs included on both band's new albums, one of which was already released (Burning Love), one of which will be released in late September (Fight Amp). The selling point of such an offering is the opportunity to listen to new tracks early. However, while Burning Love's "The Body" sounds slightly beefier than its album version, it doesn't warrant a purchase when Rotten Thing to Say is already out, with much stronger tracks. This puts the pressure on Fight Amp, and they deliver. Sounding like a more discordant, heavier version of Burning Love, "Shallow Grave" serves its purpose as both a preview and enticement for their new album. But whether fans decide to pick the split up will depend on how much they like the groups. Those that take the plunge won't be disappointed. (Hell Comes Home)