Burn Everything Hollow Victory

Naming your band Burn Everything is playing with fire, partially for the potential of "this fire burnt out" jokes, but mostly for the bold claim associated with "everything." The sheer enormity and all-encompassing nature of the hyperbole suggests, nay, demands complete annihilation. Fortunately for Burn Everything, they more than meet the expectations and spend the duration of Hollow Victory essentially laying waste to the conventions of heavy music. Similar to how the Red Chord blend metal and hardcore, Burn Everything avoid the stigma of metalcore by retaining the aggression of their inspirations. Though the metal side occasionally flirts with death or black, it doesn't always. It's this lack of a formula ― ironically, given the band's math metal tendencies ― that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. Hollow Victory is undoubtedly a triumph, but you'd be hard-pressed to label the EP, which is full of many influences and riffs, hollow. Burn Something would be an awful name anyway. (Dullest)