Burlington's Sound of Music Gets Sum 41 and Third Eye Blind for Kickoff Show Live on the Lake

Burlington's Sound of Music Gets Sum 41 and Third Eye Blind for Kickoff Show Live on the Lake
The Sound of Music Festival will be back in 2020, but things will be a bit different for the long-running event in Burlington, ON, this time around. Specifically, organizers are rebranding their annual kickoff concert as an event now dubbed Live on the Lake.

As the festival explains, the move "underlines a plan to build more capacity for one of Canada's longest running music festivals." And to do that, the inaugural edition of Live on the Lake will feature Sum 41 and Third Eye Blind, who will play the kickoff concert on June 13 at Burlington's Spencer Smith Park.

"We are changing the way we do business, the way we engage with our community and the way we support tourism and increased visits to Burlington," said executive director Myles Rusak in a statement. "This rebrand distinguishes our ticketed event from the free festival and shares how impactful bringing top name talent to our stage helps sustain our four day free festival lineup. This is another great step in boosting Burlington's profile across the country and presenting the Sound of Music Festival as a world class event. We've got an incredible nine days of music planned for 2020 and we're excited to share our new format as we've been revealing elements over the past few weeks."

As organizers explain, the ticketed kickoff event is used to help offset the cost of the main Sound of Music Festival, which is free to festivalgoers.

"The cost of entertainment has gone up significantly in the era of music streaming and declining record sales," said Rusak. "Most artists generate the majority of their revenue through touring, resulting in the cost of talent for our free festival rising more than 40 percent in the last five years. As strong supporters of Canadian talent, we produce the ticketed event to ensure we continue to bring the best and brightest from our own community and across the country... bringing more people downtown to enjoy Burlington is a primary objective for us."

Advanced tickets for Live on the Lake are priced at $60 and available through the festival's website. More artists are also expected to be announced soon.

Stay tuned for more info about Live on the Lake and the Sound of Music Festival as it becomes available.