Burial, Flying Lotus and the Bug Help Hyperdub Celebrate Five Years with New Label Comp

Burial, Flying Lotus and the Bug Help Hyperdub Celebrate Five Years with New Label Comp
While the genre may not be as big in Canada as over in the UK, dubstep suppliers Hyperdub Records has already reached its fifth year of production. That means label head and Scottish DJ Kode9 has spent the past half-decade scooping up some of the genre's heaviest hitters, from Burial to Zomby to the Bug, and established the label as one of dubstep's most influential.

To celebrate the label's five-year anniversary, Hyperdub will release a two-disc compilation set, featuring many of the label's notable singles, as well as previously unreleased tracks by artists like Flying Lotus, Joker & Ginz and Martyn. Entitled 5 Years of Low End Contagion, the double-album will descend on the public on October 19 in the UK. And to add to the fun, Hyperdub also plans on putting out the album on vinyl in early October, but until then, will release the unreleased tracks on a series of limited-edition twelve-inch EPs.

5 Years of Low End Contagion:

Disc One:
1. King Midas Sound - "Meltdown"
2. Kode9 & the Spaceape feat. Cha Cha - "Time Patrol"
3. Darkstar - "Aidys Girl's a Computer"
4. Samiyam - "Roller Skates"
5. Flying Lotus - "Disco Balls"
6. Black Chow - "Purple Smoke"
7. Cooly G - "Weekend Fly"
8. Zomby - "Tarantula"
9. Martyn - "Mega Drive Generation"
10. LV feat. Dandelion - "Turn Away"
11. Mala - "Level Nine"
12. LD - "Shake It"
13. Quarta 330 - "Bleeps from Outer Space"
14. Ikonika - "Sahara Michael"
15. Joker & Ginz - "Stash"
16. + secret bonus track TBA

Disc Two
1. Kode9 - "9 Samurai"
2. Burial - "South London Boroughs"
3. Kode9 & LD - "Bad"
4. The Bug feat. Warrior Queen - "Money Honey (Remix)"
5. LV feat. Erol Bellot - "Globetrotting"
6. Burial - "Distant Lights"
7. The Specials - "Ghost Town (Kode9 & Spaceape Version)"
8. Kode9 & Spaceape - "Fukkaz"
9. Samiyam - "Return"
10. Darkstar - "Need You"
11. Zomby - "Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)"
12. Ikonika - "Please"
13. Zomby - "Kaliko"
14. 2000F & J Kamata - "You Don't Know What Love Is"
15. Joker - "Digidesign"
16. Quarta 330 - "9 Samurai (Remix)"