Bucket Truck Favour the Bull

Perhaps the worst band name of the modern era, Halifax’s Bucket Truck make up for their bad choice of monikers with a truly original sound. Admittedly, the sound doesn’t always work: at times the Quicksand/Helmet post-hardcore feel is a welcome flashback to the time when bands sounded like that, but at other times this band sound a bit unfocused. Also bringing to mind Choke (not Chore) with their anti-melodies and difficult, near-antagonistic attitude, Bucket Truck managed to slowly win me over during the course of this album with their obvious sincerity and love of the music. Between quite heavy sludge rock, somewhat-grooving post-hardcore and experimental noisy moments, it becomes clear that this is something worth further exploration. Layouts that have a different font for each song still look horrid though, and the band name’s has got to go, like, now. But apart from that, consider them one of Canada’s more unique heavy acts. (MapleMusic)