Brutal Knights/Teenanger/Quest for Fire Offshoot Wrong Hole Announce Debut Album

Brutal Knights/Teenanger/Quest for Fire Offshoot Wrong Hole Announce Debut Album
A supergroup of sorts, Toronto act Wrong Hole are a punk trio that feature comedian and former Brutal Knights frontman Nick Flanagan alongside Andrew Moszynski of the Deadly Snakes/Quest for Fire/Comet Control and Jon Schouten of Teenanger. The band formed in 2012, which may explain why they've named their debut album 2012.

A press release explains that the album is a culmination of the band members' previous work together. "What does any of that mean?" it reads. "It means that Wrong Hole is a colossally dumb mixture of straight up punk, garage and 'vague weirdness.' It's a new genre called Lean Punk, not because the songs are thin, but because each member has to lean down to deal with a bunch of musical bullshit."

A press release also delves into Flanagan's themes on the album: "Lyrically, 2012 covers the major events of the 21st century: HDTVs, the slow domination of our species by dogs(as predicted in the prescient film Battlefield: Earth), the fact that the 'We Generation' is getting older and must have a legacy, and most importantly, Wrong Hole aren't afraid to ask the question that is on all of our minds: What is a car? Is it a man? Is it a machine?"

2012 was recorded at Stustustudio in Toronto and mixed by Schouten. Its Rush-referencing cover art was designed by Emily Bitze.

The album will arrive on vinyl on June 7 via Pleasence in North America and P. Trash/Cut the Cord/Prugelprinz worldwide, with a digital release surfacing on June 15. Listen to "What Is a Car?" below.


1. What Is a Car?
3. I Gotta Cold
4. Dogs
5. I Wanna Be a Grandparent
6. Jake
7. I Love Opulence
8. What Is Math?