Bronx Casket Co. Bronx Casket Co.

Overkill will always hold a spot in my dark heart - especially 1989's The Years Of Decay - though I didn't pay much attention to their output after 1993's I Hear Black. Founding member D.D. Verni has expanded his metal vision with Bronx Casket Co., a melodic doom/goth project by enlisting Overkill drummer Tim Mallare, Shotgun Symphony keyboardist Charlie Calv, Metalium guitarist Jack Frost and vocalist Spy (aka ex-Misfit Myke Hideous). The music is a mixed bag of influences; Verni's bass lines smack of No More Tears-era Ozzy and Spy's timbre leans toward equal doses of Zappa and crazy ol' Arthur Brown. "Vampire War" and "I am God Here" sport neo-Cathedral buoyancy, while "Change The World" and "The Bad Guy" toss around the Type O medicine ball. Samples of film clips and kiddie toys coupled with Spy's vacillating operatics often turn the mood slightly sour, as if the album were a metal version of "Monster Mash," but the BCC validates their metal cred with a toned-down cover of Metallica's "Jump In The Fire." Sarcastically sinister, Verni and crew delight open-minded Overkill fans with tongue-in-cheek terror, as long as said fans don't expect huge amounts of head-banging heaviness. (TMC)