Broken Twin "Glimpse of a Time" (video)

Broken Twin 'Glimpse of a Time' (video)
Broken Twin — a.k.a. Danish songwriter Majke Voss Romme — prefers to keep her music stark and simple, and this aesthetic is on display in the new video for "Glimpse of a Time."

The tune is an ultra-sparse ballad consisting of little more than guitar plucking and cooed vocals. Soft piano eventually enters, while the video complements the low-key vibe with slow-motion dancing and shadowy black and white camera work.

It's a haunting watch, to be sure, and you can watch it all play out below.

Broken Twin's album May is out on April 29 through Anti-. In a statement, Majke explained of the album, "I wanted to get back to basics, seeking a sound that was warm and lo-fi; minimal and spacious and focused on the songs. I'm a new artist — I need to be sure about what I want to do before I can let anybody else in. It's a very personal record."