Broken Social Scene Set to Star in New Film by Bruce McDonald and Don McKellar

Broken Social Scene Set to Star in New Film by Bruce McDonald and Don McKellar
It doesn't get any more Canadian than this: indie heroes Broken Social Scene are reportedly getting a pseudo-concert film made about them. The movie is reportedly being written by multi-talented Canadian filmmaker Don McKellar, and directed by Hard Core Logo helmer Bruce McDonald.

The film is called This Movie Is Broken, and from the sounds of it, it follows the story of two people trying to worm their way backstage at a BSS concert. Like there's any room backstage!

The best part of the whole package is that McDonald has put out an open call for fans to submit footage for the film. But he doesn't want your shaky camcorder footage of Kevin Drew making goofy faces while he sings. Instead, he's looking for some video footage of Toronto.

In a message on the film's site, McDonald clarifies: "Use whatever you've got lying around - digital cameras, cellphones, handheld video cameras, your dad's old Super 8 - and try to capture something original... Experiment. Have fun. Our hope is that by integrating your footage with ours, we'll be able to create a visual mosaic that captures the city and the summer."

If you're one of the lucky ones whose footage is chosen, you'll win free passes for an exclusive screening of the film, as well as full credit and other prizes. To upload your footage, you can just click here.

This Movie Is Broken is not expected to come out until sometime in 2010, though production is currently underway.