Britney Spears Reportedly Asks Judge to End Conservatorship Amidst #FreeBritney Movement

Britney Spears Reportedly Asks Judge to End Conservatorship Amidst #FreeBritney Movement
Britney Spears and her parents appeared in court last Friday (May 10), and a judge has since ordered a review of the 11-year-long conservatorship that Spears' father, Jamie Spears, has had over the pop star.
As previously reported, fans became worried about Spears and protested when she recently spent 30 days in a mental health facility, allegedly against her will.
The court appearance was closed to media and fans, though the Associated Press suggests that changes to the conservatorship could be coming, as Spears, her father (who has been in poor health) and mother Lynne Spears (who separated from Jamie in 2002) were present before the judge.
Lynne has not been legally involved in the conservatorship to date, but requested permission to attend Friday's hearing. She previously suggested support for the #FreeBritney movement by liking and sharing posts with the hashtag on social media.
TMZ reports that Spears herself asked for the hearing to make adjustments and end the conservatorship.
The judge ordered a "730 expert evaluation" in relation to the conservatorship agreement, which typically examines the mental health and ability to parent in a divorce case. It is unclear whose mental health and competence — that of Spears, her mother or her father — will be under evaluation.
Spears has two children with her former husband Kevin Federline; he currently has custody of both children, though they have frequent visits with their mother.
The process of conservatorship itself is extremely rare and usually reserved for individuals who are particularly ill or elderly and are deemed incapable of handling their own personal and financial decisions.
Spears has remained silent on the details of her father's conservatorship over her, which began in 2008, after the singer suffered a mental breakdown in the public eye.