Britney Spears Fans Are Pissed About Her New Album Cover

Britney Spears Fans Are Pissed About Her New Album Cover
Yesterday (August 3), pop champion Britney Spears announced that she would maintain her Glory with a new LP. While fans were naturally pleased with the news, some were appalled by the album's cover art.

In their defence, the cover art for Glory is godawful. It looks like a bootleg Britney Spears CD-R that you'd buy from a parking lot, complete with 1,001 Free Fonts typography and a blown-out portrait that looks like it was found on Bing Image Search.

As Vulture points out, Britney's fans are not prepared to let this horrible cover art ruin the new release. Instead, they've launched a petition to get RCA Records to swap about the imagery.

Here's the petition's reasonable, well-written demand:

Since the cover art for Britney Spears' 9th studio album "Glory" has been revealed, we Britney fans find that the cover art is not a suitable representation of the music that Britney is putting out and we are calling for it to be changed. We ask that RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment change the album cover to one that would be a better and more suitable choice for the album.

Terrible cover art or not, Britney Spears has just released the latest single from Glory. You can listen to the strangely produced neo-gospel stripper anthem "Private Show" below. 

Glory will arrive in full on August 26.