British Teen Killed by Bass

British Teen Killed by Bass
It's well-known that listening to loud music can cause permanent hearing loss. For one UK club-goer, however, standing near the speakers during a party had tragic consequences.

Tom Reid, 19, suffered an apparent heart attack during a party called Night of Mayhem, held back in September at the nightclub Koko in Camden Town, north London. At the time, reporters speculated that drugs and alcohol may have been to blame.

Metro now reports [via The Daily Swarm] that Reid had not taken any drugs or alcohol. Instead, the coroner is citing the possible cause of his death as sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS), a rare disorder that occurs when the heart's electric system takes too long to recharge after a heartbeat. For those who are suffering from SADS (and may not be aware of it), the condition can be triggered by physical or emotional stress.

Based on comments made by Reid's friend, Alisha Riseley, the cause of this stress may have been the loud music playing in the club at the time of his death. Reid was standing near the speakers when he complained, "My heart feels funny. I think the bass is affecting me. Oh God, I feel very weird. My heart is beating so fast." Reid went to see the club's medic, but keeled over before anyone could call an ambulance.

We may never know the cause of Reid's death for certain, but Ellen Mason, the senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, stated that "He was suddenly exposed to a lot of loud noise and it's highly possible that this caused the attack."