The British Columbians Announce Sophomore Album

The British Columbians Announce Sophomore Album
For a few years now, the British Columbians have been doling out their brand of no-bullshit rock'n'roll. So fans of raw, brawny rock will want to take note when the Vancouver group drop their sophomore album, Made for Darker Things, on August 1.

If you happen to be looking at your calendar, you may notice than August 1 is a Monday, while albums are usually released on Tuesday. Well, there's a simple explanation for that: the first Monday of August is British Columbia Day, so this is the band's way of celebrating the occasion.

This release is currently digital-only with a hard copy expected to follow sometime in September.

If you head over the group's official website, you can preview two tracks: the pummelling and distorted "A Fine Mess" and "Broke & Busted."

Made for Darker Things:

1. "Evil in the Pines"
2. "Feel No Better"
3. "A Fine Mess"
4. "Coldest Winter"
5. "Broke & Busted"
6. "The Munitionette"
7. "Teeth of the Sea"
8. "Heart on the Wrong Side"