British Bands Heading to Coachella Grounded Thanks to Giant Cloud of Volcanic Ash

British Bands Heading to Coachella Grounded Thanks to Giant Cloud of Volcanic Ash
As far as reasons for a band missing a gig are concerned, a massive cloud of volcanic ash is one of the best excuses we've ever heard.

The CBC reports that numerous transatlantic flights have been cancelled due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. The plume of volcanic ash floated into British airspace, resulting in the cancellation of all non-emergency flights in the UK until 7 a.m. tomorrow (April 16). Flights have also been disrupted in France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

How does this affect music fans? Well, Coachella is due to begin tomorrow in Indio, CA, and several of the festival performers are among those currently grounded in the UK. Gigwise reports that this includes the Cribs, Frightened Rabbit and Bad Lieutenant.

In a blog posted to the band's MySpace, Bad Lieutenant singer/guitarist Jake Evans wrote, "We're stuck in Manchester trying to stay positive. Doing everything we can to get there."

Frightened Rabbit, meanwhile, posted a message on Twitter, saying, "Baddy baddy bumdrops: our flight to Coachella is supposed to leave tomorrow & there's plane-thwarting volcanic ash all over the place."

Also grounded are Scottish twee poppers Los Campesinos!, who were due to play the Culture Shock festival tomorrow in New York. According to the band's Twitter, "We are very sad to announce we will be unable to appear at Culture Shock Festival, Purchase NY, tomorrow. No flights out of the UK."

While you're waiting to find out if these bands are able to make their festival gigs, you can join the 30,000 people who have already watched a drunken Scottish passenger yell, "I hate Iceland!," on YouTube.