Brilliant Colors Ready Debut LP for Slumberland

Brilliant Colors Ready Debut LP for Slumberland
All-female poppy punk trio Brilliant Colors already have two highly sought after and impossible to find seven-inches behind them, and now the San Francisco group have announced the details for their debut album. Titled Introducing, the record will be their first release for legendary pop imprint Slumberland.

Drawing on influences like the Shop Assistants, Joey Ramone and the Flying Nun catalogue, the band are obviously setting their sights on lo-fi indie pop set. And for Introducing, it doesn't hurt that the record was recorded by Alex Yusimov, head of the venerable Mississippi Records imprint, and, according to a press release, the record is both "a scrappy gem" and "the perfect encapsulation of where we think pop should be in 2009."

Introducing is due in stores on November 3. In the meantime, a song from the album called "Absolutely Anything" can be heard here.


1. "I Searched"
2. "Absolutely Anything"
3. "English Cities"
4. "Yell In The Air"
5. "You Say You Want"
6. "Over There"
7. "Mythic"
8. "Short Sleeves At Night"
9. "Motherland"
10. "Should I Tell You"