Brightblack Morning Light Motion to Rejoin

Rachael Hughes and Nathan Shineywater look the part, and over time are continuing to act the part of a true psychedelic blues band, living in a New Mexican adobe hut, relying solely on four solar panels for energy. It must make things a bit difficult to record but the third album by this duo and, second under the BML moniker, is an easy one to digest, be it with the recommended hallucinogens or not. There really isn’t much new ground broken from 2006’s self-titled beauty — the Rhodes flickers, the Silvertone weeps, the brass oozes sex, the communal vocals whisper a haunting gospel and everything creeps along ever so slowly. At times, they border on self-mockery, singing about tee-pees, oppression, canoes and letting the high times roll, but based on what we know about them they’re as earnest as they are chilled. Motion to Rejoin never messes with its balance, which is its gift and curse. Even when they look to raise the blood pressure, with some slippery wah-wah and leaking static on "Past A Weatherbeaten Fencepost,” it never trickles beyond a mild pulsation, keeping the album at a level of "do not use while operating heavy machinery.” There’s a tendency to drift off while listening to Brightblack Morning Light but it’s always one cushioned by a rush of euphoria and fulfilment. (Matador)