Bridge 9 Delivering Anniversary Reissues for Mental and Panic

Bridge 9 Delivering Anniversary Reissues for Mental and Panic
Earlier this year, Bridge 9 served up anniversary editions of No Warning's Ill Blood and DC troupe Striking Distance's The Fuse is Lit, and now the Boston hardcore label has announced another pair of mile-marker reissues for Beantown bands Panic and Mental.

The label revealed it will issue the vinyl version of Panic's 2006 compilation set Strength in Solitude on August 27. The LP features the band's two 7-inches for Bridge 9 (2001's Dying for It and the self-titled single from 2002), as well as live and demo tracks. The new vinyl version also adds 10 tracks to the collection, including the group's reunion EP Circles, originally pressed by Reflections Records in 2005.

Made up of members of American Nightmare, the Trouble, In My Eyes and the Explosion, the band also have a pair of reunion shows booked in Brooklyn and Philadelphia this summer. You can see the tracklisting and tour info down below.

Meanwhile, Boston straight-edge crew Mental will be toasted via an expanded 12-inch edition of their 2003 7-inch EP Get an Oxygen Tank, which also arrives August 27. On top of the six-song EP, the LP edition includes a nine-track live set recorded on Boston's WERS 88.9 FM. Bridge 9's original CD version of Get an Oxygen Tank also included the group's 2002 single And You Know This and a cover of Supertouch's "Searchin' for the Light," but these will not appear on the upcoming repress.

Mental - Get An Oxygen Tank:

Side A: Get An  Oxygen Tank EP:

1. History 101
2. Break A Sweat
3. Growing Pains
4. Get An Oxygen Tank
5. Chiller Than Most (Still Mental)
6. Respect 

Side B: Live on WERS:

1. Sucker Punched
2. Intro
3. History 101
4. Mental
5. Sike
6. Break A Sweat
7. G.A.O.T. / Chiller Than Most
8. Respect
9. And You Know This

Panic - Strength In Solitude:

  Side A: Dying For It EP and Panic EP:

1. Written In Stone
2. Strength In Solitude
3. I Watch You Sleep
4. Lighthouse
5. Force It 'Til You Hear It Snap
6. I Walk The Same Way Home Every Night
7. My Favorite Mistake Was You 
8. Turn Cold
9. Into The Reasons
10. Our Choice Is Made
11. Pale
12. Fall On Proverb (Unbroken Cover)

Side B: Circles EP, Demo, Live Recording:

1. Rise
2. Ramparts
3. Shadow Park
4. Hello Young Lions
5. Involvers
6. Wolves Circle Wolves
7. Face Myself (Demo)
8. Distance (Demo)
9. I Walk The Same Way Home Every Night (Demo)
10. Think Ahead (Live)

Panic tour dates:

08/08 Brooklyn, NY - St. Vitus *
08/09 Philadelphia, PA - This is Hardcore Festival

* with the Suicide FIle