Brides Of Destruction Here Comes the Brides

Here comes Nikki Sixx, Tracii Guns and a couple other dudes with the kind of-anticipated Brides of Destruction CD. And, sure, why not is what I say; also looking forward to the Slash ’n Duff thing, because, if I may go out on a limb, the three bands these dudes came from rocked a whole lot harder than most of what I’m hearing today. But I digress; the BOD disc is pretty hot stuff indeed, with a surprisingly snotty, dirty punk rock spit shine to it, these nine cuts are hook-filled and ready to be turned up loud. No selling out, no groove metal, just straight-ahead rock and roll, L.A.-style. It’s a bit of a letdown in that the songs just aren’t there like I wanted them to be (will any of this stick in anyone’s head?), but if you stop thinking about the history of the people involved and just let it rip, it sounds good. Brides of Destruction are rock and roll that’s trashy and easy to digest, and that makes me happy. (Sanctuary)