Brides Queens

Scrappy blues rock duo Tamsen & Elliott have reconfigured their thrash-y take on minimalist punk to emerge as progressive noise quartet Brides. On their debut record, Elliott Jones and Tamsen Fields employed a ferocious nihilism, both drawing from and rejecting the structure of the White Stripes to create something akin to the raw, obnoxious attitude of Pussy Galore. Staving off the limitations of their dynamic, the pair were eventually joined by Gordon Auld and Michael Pytlik, becoming notorious for deafeningly loud displays of art fuck anarchy. The wall of sludge has been refined on Queens, a lively off-the-floor document of a band heading towards some semblance of early Sonic Youth and Royal Trux. Names like "Vello,” "d q r f k l” or the Calvin Johnson-inspired "PlayGlass” appear as tracks but they’re nominal designations at best. Queens is a purposefully unnerving extended noise jam chopped into semi-palatable pieces, and its incoherence is fascinating. (Burnt Oak)