Brian Eno Unveils 'Music for Installations' Box Set

Brian Eno Unveils 'Music for Installations' Box Set
While certainly recognized for his solo career and work with Roxy Music, Brian Eno has received plenty of acclaim for his exhibitions of light, video and sound, which have been shown around the globe. Now, the artist will collect the music from such installations in a sprawling new box set.

Titled Music for Installations, Eno's box set will arrive May 4 through UMC in 6-CD, deluxe 6-CD and 9-LP editions. Ranging from unreleased material to tracks that were available on limited CD runs, the box's material was used in Eno exhibitions from 1986 until the present (and beyond).

The box set was designed by Eno and longtime collaborator Nick Robertson and will include a 64-page booklet featuring rare and unseen exhibition photos, in addition to a new essay from Eno himself.

Read through the CD tracklisting for Music for Installations below.

Music From Installations:

1. Kazakhstan
2. The Ritan Bells
3. Five Light Paintings
4. Flower Bells

77 Million Paintings:

1. 77 Million Paintings

Lightness - Music For The Marble Palace:

1. Atmospheric Lightness
2. Chamber Lightness

I Dormienti / Kite Stories

1. I Dormienti
2. Kites I
3. Kites II
4. Kites III

Making Space:

1. Needle Click
2. Light Legs
3. Flora and Fauna' / 'Gleise 581d
4. New Moons
5. Vanadium
6. All The Stars Were Out
7. Hopeful Timean Intersect
8. World Without Wind
9. Delightful Universe (seen from above)

Music For Future Installations:

1. Unnoticed Planet 
2. Liquidambar'
3. Sour Evening (Complex Heaven 3)
4. Surbahar Sleeping Music