Brian Eno "Fickle Sun (iii) I'm Set Free"

Brian Eno 'Fickle Sun (iii) I'm Set Free'
After revealing the lengthy, sea-inspired title track to his The Ship release, the iconic Brian Eno has now offered up a shorter piece of music from the LP. He's covering the Velvet Underground on "Fickle Sun (iii) I'm Set Free."

While the rest of the record's "Fickle Sun" suite has yet to be streamed, its closing chapter is quite cathartic. A gentle take on the Velvets' "I'm Set Free," from their 1969 self-titled album, the cover sways along with ethereal EBowed guitar, mellow strings, minimalist drum hits, and Eno's familiar croon handling the late Lou Reed's liberated vocals.

You can hear the "Fickle Sun" finale below, while the rest of Eno's The Ship sets sail April 29 through Warp/Fontana North.