Break Bread Break Bread

It may come as a surprise that it took so long for the Break Bread family of mcenroe, Pipi Skid, John Smith, Gruf, Yy and DJ Hunnicut to release something as a super-group, but what definitely isn't a surprise is the quality of the final product. All five tracks have a different concept chosen by one member of the group, with each MC dropping a verse about that particular subject. Unlike their solo outings, the combined efforts here create something less personal and political, with the concentration being more about fun, although there's no holding back when it comes to discussing the current state of hip-hop and their place in it. As always, mcenroe's beats are on point, as evidenced by their inclusion as bonus tracks on the CD. mcenroe also shines on the mic, a difficult task considering he's rhyming with P&C rap stars like Pipi and Gruf. Birdapres also makes another in his string of guest appearances for P&C, and doesn't disappoint. But at only five songs, Break Bread is really just a slice when you want the whole loaf. (Peanuts & Corn)