Breach Godbox

Slowly but surely, Sweden's Breach have been making a name for themselves in the underground hardcore and metal scene. On this five-song EP, the band continues along the path they've been carving for themselves over the past few years. Breach does a nice mid- to late-era Neurosis crawl through despair on the first track, then abruptly switches gears into some great Raised Fist/Within Reach-styled melodic hardcore for the rest of the EP. For those unfamiliar with those bands (if you are, go buy their latest albums immediately), the sound is one of fast, heavy hardcore with a keen sense of melody, foot-tapping riffs that stick in your head, adrenaline-pumping energy and, most importantly, an ability to keep fresh ideas incorporated in the music, all of which Breach dishes out here, with much expertise. Brutal (in a bad way) demo-quality art though. (Chrome Saint Magnus)