Brazilian Money 'Fly Free Rock Angel' (album stream)

Brazilian Money 'Fly Free Rock Angel' (album stream)
Montreal pop whiz Garrett Johnson has delivered another piping hot pile of oddball tunes through his Brazilian Money project. Today (October 28), Exclaim! is proud to premiere the new Bra Money album Fly Free Rock Angel.

In addition to its seriously cheeky cover art, Fly Free Rock Angel offers 12 brand new tracks from the quirky project.

While Johnson mostly worked alone on the album, he had some help in the drum department from babysitter's Aden Collinge, Homeshake's Peter Sagar and Alex Calder collaborator Conor Donaldson.

Johnson sent Exclaim! the following esoteric blurb to describe the album:

The world does not need you, but it does need people. It needs angels, so accept your angelness with embarrassed humility and fly, fly, fly! Fly free, finally. You know you are special and you know it doesn't matter. "I am a millennial" you whisper as you smear mud on your face and proceed to soar over canyons & lakes & trees. A deep urge to check instagtam takes hold and as you scroll through meme after meme you realize that you are falling and actually, you've hit the ground and are dead. Wow! What a ride, time to reboot this simulation and try again.

Listen to Fly Free Rock Angel below.