Brantford's Snoozzzefest Unveils 2015 Lineup

Brantford's Snoozzzefest Unveils 2015 Lineup
Though it's often used to describe an incredibly boring story or movie, the phrase "snoozefest" will soon have a much more positive connotation thanks to a new festival in Brantford, ON. It's called Snoozzzefest, but based on the event's lineup, it's not one you'll want to sleep on.

The independent arts and music festival is boasting some exclusive appearances, including the first live appearance from Transylvania 500 since 2005, the first appearance from Sourkeys since 2010 and the first performance from Eiyn Sof since 2012.

In addition, the festival will feature performances from Bloodshot Bill, DOOMSQUAD, Fet.nat, Petra Glynt, Familiar Fiends, WTCHS, B.A. Johnston, Badminton Racquet, I Smell Blood, Fossils, Racoon Wedding, Whoop-SZO, Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band, Lunch with a Horse, Baby Labour, Beep, Majesties, Mutt, Ultron Altreides and Cellar Dwellers.

The fest takes place on September 18 and 19, and also includes works by a selection of visual artists. You'll really have to act fast if you want to attend, though, because the early bird passes have already sold out, and there are only approximately 50 passes left.

Snoozzzefest operates without any government funding or corporate sponsorships. For more information, visit the organization's official site here.