Braids Prepping "Dark" Follow-Up to 'Native Speaker'

Braids Prepping 'Dark' Follow-Up to 'Native Speaker'
Montreal pop experimenters Braids may have delivered a "euphoric" debut with last year's celebrated Native Speaker, but reports from the band's home studio suggest the foursome may offer up something a little more sinister for album No. 2.

Speaking with Spin, Braids outlined that they've been writing and recording new material in their Montreal garage studio since January, and the work is allegedly shaping up to be markedly different than what we've heard from the act before.

"We could play [Native Speaker] cuts for hours on end and we would never get drained," drummer Austin Tufts explained. "But some of these songs we're like, 'Oh this is kind of a dark song.' If you work on it for more than a couple hours it starts to get pretty dark in the room. You have to take a break and go get lunch or something then finish the song. It's been a good emotional journey for sure."

The band have sketched out at least 15 songs so far, and the general consensus between bandmates is that their musical interests are currently "a lot more electronic-based." Multi-instrumentalist Taylor Smith, for instance, has upped his regular guitar, bass and percussion duties for the sessions to work a laptop.

"He works really, really hard to get up his skills as an electronic producer so we're able to tell him what we want and he's able to create it," Tufts continued. "We've all built this interesting, and I think effective, synergy between technology and acoustic, natural instruments."

A release date has to be cemented, but Tufts added that the band will be taking their time on this one. Whatever comes out of the sessions, he hinted that we shouldn't expect anything to arrive any sooner than early next year.