Bradley Pink Pill Program

Vancouver’s Brad Ferguson cut his teeth playing and recording with the likes of Lily Frost, Kristy Thirsk and Econoline Crush, but these days he’s making music in his own right. Although he’s releasing his debut record as Bradley, he’s already had more success with his other band, Joystick, with some tracks ending up being used on television shows like The L Word and The Dead Zone, but there really isn’t much difference between his two projects. Bradley definitely knows his way around a synthesiser and with a wealth of electronic equipment at his disposal, he’s able to create a dark, noisy songs that are more pop than industrial. At times, things might have been helped by the sweeter vocals of Joystick cohort Coco Love Alcorn, but the abrasiveness of Pink Pill Program might just help to make it stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. (Independent)